ODAC from JDS Labs (RCA Output)

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Sold under distributorship from JDS Labs

Standalone ODAC; needs to pair with amps

RCA and 3.5mm line-level outputs (not simultaneously)

Self powered from USB

Input is Mini-USB (3 ft cable included)

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Product Description

First offering of DACs from Quartz Acoustic will be the globally-acclaimed ODAC!

As quoted from JDS Lab store:

“The ObjectiveDAC (ODAC) is a digital to analog convertor designed by NwAvGuy and Yoyodyne Consulting, which achieves benchmark performance competitive with reference grade digital-to-analog converters. Full benchmarks can be found at NwAvGuy’s O2 Release Article.”

Only ODAC with RCA outputs configuration will be shipped in as this provides the most flexible and common way of connection to an amp. As portability is not the intended usage for this DAC, size is not a consideration in making this decision.

Design with performance, tested in competence, and sold by confidence, ODAC is truly one of the hallmark example of excellence in value. Reproducing sounds in their most natural manner, this neutrality from ODAC is a faithful unit serving its primary duty at its best. Little to almost no colouration of the sound will pass on the pristine signals of great clarity and imaging to your amp for your desired taste of output.



Frequency Response: +/- 0.1 dB (10 hz – 19 Khz 24/44)
THD+N 100 hz 0 dBFS: 0.0029%
THD+N 20 hz –1 dBFS: 0.003%
THD+N 10 Khz –1 dBFS: 0.003%
IMD CCIF 19/20 Khz –3 dBFS: 0.0011%
IMD SMPTE –1 dBFS: 0.0004% A
Noise A-Weighted dBu 24/44: –102.8 dBu
Dynamic Range: > 110 dB A-Weighted
Linearity Error -90 dBFS 24/44: 0.0 dB
Crosstalk 0 dBFS Line Out 100K: –93.5 dB
USB Jitter 11025 hz J-test 24/44: Excellent
Maximum Output Line Out 100K: 2.0 Vrms
Distortion: < 0.005%
PCB Dimensions: 49.0 x 58.0 mm

Audio Formats: 16/44, 16/48, 16/96, 24/44, 24/48, 24/96
Interface: USB, Audio Class 1
Native Driver OS Support: Windows XP & Later, OS X x86, Linux


As the distributor for JDS Labs, the same warranty policies (here) apply to owners of the respective products purchased through Quartz Acoustic. The only difference is just the point of contact.

When purchasing through back/pre order, we seek your understanding the replenishment of stocks can come in stages. And consolidation from batches a few days apart is a possibility during shipping. Thus, please allow the wait to be in the region of 7-12 days.

Additional Information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 9.9 x 6.3 x 1.3 cm

3 reviews for ODAC from JDS Labs (RCA Output)

  1. tlincoln
    5 out of 5


    Totally surprise with the capability of this little DAC! So transparent and detailed. Glad I can get it here, as direct shipping from US or mass order from forum (seems unavailable anymore) would probably take a while or more expensive. A very satisfied purchase.

  2. steveong
    5 out of 5


    Small form factor, but big performance! Bought cmoy from jds labs before and trust their worksmanship and value. This odac does not disappoint yet again.

    Great that this can be bought locally from an official distributor. Quick and trusted shipping is made possible now!

  3. acervo
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This DAC is bang for the buck! It can go head to head with more expensive DACs above its class.Truly a reference grade DAC, it will expose the beauty and flaws of the records you listen to.

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