Hi to all loyal patrons and customers of Quartz Acoustic,

we are hereby announcing a temporary but indefinite period away for revamp and reconstitution.

Despite Quartz Acoustic has always been operating on a secondary basis in addition to our day-job load over the past 2 years, we have been striving to provide quality products and services at economical pricepoint for the audiophile community at the mid-fi level. The support we garnered had been unwavering, coming not just from local Singaporeans, but extending far and wide globally even to countries like Slovakia and South Africa, to name a few.

Technology and Internet evolvement will alter the pace, methods and lifespans of businesses, especially this line of businesses conducted over E-Commerce. Our day jobs need another injection of energy, and so does Quartz Acoustic. Having one prioritise over the other is essential at this stage, so experiences in both acts could then be utilised over each other to result in maximum success for both.

Existing customers who have remaining warranty periods with us will continue to enjoy the guarantees, rest assured. We are still contactable at and/or SMS/WhatsApp 9423 9296 for queries or just a say hi!

Till then, we will want to bring you more exciting and promising audiophile products and deals as soon as we can! Updates and annoucements will continuously be posted here and/or our Facebook account here.

Thanks fellas! And enjoy your music!


Best regards
02 April 2015

see ya